Gail Kuppan



(BA (LAW); LLB; LLM (Labour Law) (SA),

Attorney, Conveyancer, Legal Executive

Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (UK),

Fellow (Higher Education Authority, UK)  

Ginosko Academy of Inspired Learning LTD (t/a GAIL'S ACADEMY) is the Mastermind of Gail Kuppan, a Lawyer, Legal Scholar, and Author, She has been awarded Research Grants, granting her access to international platforms from which she disseminated her theory that Access to Justice is more than representation in court, but includes Education. Her expertise is acknowledged by various international authors who quote her writings and has contributed to policy development in South Africa. Gail has held Senior Academic and Management positions at Universities in South Africa and UK.

With more than twenty years experience in Higher Education and legal practice and  Gail .  She is passionate about education and has the talent to interpret difficult concepts and break them down into bite-size ideas that are easy to understand. 

Gail's vision is to enable people  to fulfil their purpose in life by discovering their identity. Many people have big dreams in their hearts but are afraid or do not have the confidence to step out and fulfil those dreams. Gail believes that the first step to overcoming those obstacles is for people to believe in themselves and this means discovering who they are. Teaching them who they are, through the scriptures, is the first step to overcoming the obstacles. The second step is to discover their purpose in life. Together these teachings have a profound effect of setting people free causing them to soar like eagles.


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