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Beauty and The Beast

Marriage Academy

Think fairy-tale marriages are just a myth?

Get yourself a copy of Beauty and the Beast - the book that details Gail Kuppan's journey from almost failing marriage to fairy-tale marriage!

Why not sign up for the Beauty and the Beast Marriage Academy which enables couples to overcome the challenges in marriage and strengthen  relationships. 


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Gail and Brian Kuppan are married for almost 25 years. However,  despite being very much in love and compatible with each other, their relationship was tested and Gail was on the verge of giving up. Out of desperation, she sought revelation from the Lord on HIS view of her role as a wife. She was astounded with the revelations she received. She had to make adjustments and realign herself with the Word  of God.


In her book, Beauty and the Beast, Gail shares her journey in which she learned to love as Jesus loves and to forgive as Jesus forgave. As she applied the Word of God in her life, by working on her attitude and mind-sets, her husband became her Prince, the man she so desperately desired him to be! 

The book is being read in many nations and is transforming marriages.


Get yourself a copy today! 




Wendy Perumaul - I want to begin by saying that Beauty and the beast is a book that I would call an " eye opener". My marriage was not perfect. It had lots of ups and downs. When I read the book, I cried. I never realised how much I needed to change if I wanted my marriage to work. The Bible verses stood out the most. It gripped me. I knew that God always " had my back". I didn't know that I was so far away from his purpose and that I needed to change my mindset and behaviour in order to allow his hand to work in my life. Thank you for sharing your experience in life. It is through your book that I know many marriages will be saved.       



Sharmila Rani - The book has opened my eyes to many things. Its taught me not to give up. that was the main key for me to change, instead of changing everyone around me. The book is about love and giving yourself to God, instead of concentrating on the little things our

husbands are doing. It's mainly about us changing



Sharon Shunmugam - I would like to take this opportunity on congratulating you on your book “Beauty and the Beast”. It has really touched my heart and has helped me in my marriage in so many ways. I have learnt to see my husband through God’s eyes. I have learnt to humble myself and treat my husband with respect no matter what he has done, because God is the judge. We have learnt to communicate as well. I have learnt to take my needs and problems to the Lord instead of arguing about it. Your book has really inspired me. When I need to then I read it all over again as it encourages and strengthens me. I have given this book to many of my friends as well. So thank you, this has been a real eye opener for me. It has made me see my husband in a different light altogether. So once again I would like to thank you.   





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