Ginosko International Bible School

“Teaching, Enabling, Strengthening.”

Gail Kuppan

About Ginosko International Bible School

GINOSKO INTERNATIONAL BIBLE SCHOOL is a practical Bible School that prepares men and women for life.  The aim of the school is to discover who you are, who God is and what your purpose in life is. 


‘Ginosko’ is a Greek Word meaning ‘Know.’ 

Ginosko International Bible School, as the name suggests, is all about ‘knowing’ - ‘knowing’ who He is, ‘knowing’ who you are and ‘knowing’ your purpose in life.  


Wondering whether Ginosko International Bible School is for you? 



If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions below, then 'yes,' Ginosko International Bible School is for you!


Who Am I?

Ever wondered who you are, why you were born and what is the purpose of your life?

Feeling Unfulfilled In Life?

Do you feel like you are stuck in life, cannot move forward, or perhaps your life seems to be going around in circles?

What Am I Doing On Earth?

As a student, you will soon discover the answers to these questions! As you discover who you are, who God is you will discover your purpose in life and will become bold and confident to reach for the stars and live your dream! 




Level 1:  DISCOVERING WHO YOU ARE and WHO GOD IS (Certificate in Foundation for Christian Living) 



 By identifying your Calling and Giftings you will prepare you for your ministry, be it in the marketplace or in the Church. You will have the opportunity to participate in practical ministry, which includes local and international missions.   


On successful completion of Level 1, you will be awarded a Certificate and on successful completion of Level 2 you will be awarded a Diploma, which is recognized by Rhema Faith Church UK and its associates. 


You can make a start by enrolling in the School today!



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