Creative Kids Academy




by providing

accessible space, opportunity, resources AND infrastructure

to a 4IR generation of young talent!  

Creative Kids Academy is a Social Justice Enterprise that seeks to unlock and develop creative talent and digital skill in young children between the ages of 4 to 10.  

Kids  from challenging cultural and socio-economic circumstances. are provided with opportunities to discover their talents or abilities at an After-School club, which is based on local school premises. These talents are nurtured and developed through Musical Theatre or Music Technology.  


Talents are not limited to music, singing or dance, but include ‘non-creative’ (although any job requires creativity!) abilities like accounting, lawyer, designers, ...In a fun way, and with the curriculum aligned to the National Curriculum, these kids are provided with a chance to make music, produce plays or even act! - THUS breaking down Cultural and socio-economic barriers.

The Outcomes 

  • Introduction to creativity and technology

  • Discovery talents/abilities

  • Building confidence and dispelling fears - 

  • Thinking outside the box - cognitive development 

  •  Individual concentration 

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • FUN!!!!

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