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Meet the Team

Gail is co-founder and co-pastor and CEO of Rhema Faith Church, UK. She is also FOUNDER and CEO of Ginosko International Bible School, which is the result of much fasting and early- morning seeking the Lord. At a time in her life when she earnestly needed to discover her purpose and calling in life, she made many sacrifices- sacrificing her sleep and rising early to seek the Lord, fasting and praying for Him to reveal his plan for her life.  It was during those times, that the Lord took her on a journey – a journey of discovering who she is, who He is and why she is here on this earth. It was during these times that Ginosko was born - Ginosko meaning Knowledge. Gail has always been passionate about teaching and the Lord gave her a teaching ministry - to transfer Knowledge. Coming from a professional background in law and academia, she brings with her a wealth of expertise, which, coupled with her prophetic gifting, has the ability to transform lives.


Director - Brian Kuppan

Pastor Brian Kuppan is Senior Pastor of Rhema Faith Church, UK. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him and is a valuable member of staff. He left a successful business in 1995 to fulfill his calling. He has travelled to many countries preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of people. He has seen signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. He is also an Anointed and Amazing Worshipper. 

Tutor - Rabbi Dan Tichota

Daniel Tichota, along with his wife, Melissa, and their four children, lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Daniel was called at a young age into ministry and is a graduate of Oral Roberts University’s theology department. He currently serves in leading the junior high age at his home church, and well as is the founder of an online ministry title 'On The Vanguard'. Daniel has a passion to fuel a return to the ancient paths as recorded in Jeremiah 6:16. With family ties in the Messianic Jewish faith, his desire is to bridge the gap of understanding between the Jewish roots and Christian church. His motto remains to point people to Christ through challenging each person with the Word.



Tutor - Warren Capewell

Warren Capewell is a Leader of Rhema Faith Church and a graduate of Ginosko International Bible School. He has had first hand experience of how the teachings  of the Bible School have transformed him from an ordinary individual, now equipped for ministry. 

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